Help for Lake Scugog

WONDERFUL NEWS FOR THE LAKE AND THE STEWARDS! We are ecstatic to have been chosen with the Port Perry Hospital Foundation to be co-hosts, co-recipients for this year’s Dragonboat Festival. There are so many great things that we will be able to do for the lake especially since the Stewards have almost no administration costs… Continue Reading Help for Lake Scugog

A wonderful in-kind donation

We are pleased to let you know that Michael Konopaski, CPA, CMA, CFP has offered for a second year to have his company, SCUGOG FINANCIAL SERVICES of 250 Queen Street, Port Perry, take care of our bookkeeping records. This is a big, onerous job and the Lake Stewards sincerely grateful for Michael’s donation to our… Continue Reading A wonderful in-kind donation

Stormwater management

Scugog Lake Stewards presentation to Scugog Township Council regarding the need for additional stormwater management infrastructure. December 15, 2014. The Scugog Lake Stewards are devoted to the in-lake health and welfare of Lake Scugog.  Our focus is directed specifically at the lake’s sustainability, its usability and its aesthetic qualities. In contrast, the Township, Region and… Continue Reading Stormwater management

Scugog Lake Stewards’ successes

In preparation for presenting to the new Scugog Township Council about improving stormwater infrastructure, the Scugog Lake Stewards prepared a list of a few of their successes over the years since they began in 1999. Please consider supporting our work through a membership donation.  A few of the successes of SCUGOG LAKE STEWARDS INC.… Continue Reading Scugog Lake Stewards’ successes

Lake Scugog Shoreline Naturalization

The Scugog Lake Stewards were originally started in 1999 by two fishermen, a duck hunter and a landscape architect and the group was called the Scugog Shores Millennium Project, and later became the incorporated charitable organization — Scugog Lake Stewards Inc.  These early members were concerned that city ideas for landscaping around the lake were… Continue Reading Lake Scugog Shoreline Naturalization