New Weevil Program

TIME TO INVEST IN YOUR LAKE The scugog Lake Stewards are very excited to let you know about our new milfoil weevil implant program and we are looking to our community for approximately $13,000 to carry this out.  Our goal, through our association with a company called EnviroScience Inc., is to implant an additional 10,000… Continue Reading New Weevil Program

Algae Problems

Does your shoreline look like this photo of algae problems taken this weekend?  Shown is a type of filamentous algae mat called Cladophora, although it may contain several other types of algae as well.  This type of algae is extremely common and is the result of too high nutrient levels in the lake.   If… Continue Reading Algae Problems

Lake Monitors’ reports

Lake Monitors’ reports indicate several areas along the shore have small dead fish and a few report seeing large fish carcasses. There are several reasons for this. The first reason being the depth of the ice this winter and the length of time the ice covered the lake. The longer the ice covers the lake… Continue Reading Lake Monitors’ reports

Sealcoating problems

Making your driveway look more attractive through sealcoating may be very harmful for Lake Scugog and its watershed and  it may actually harm you and your children who play on it.   Studies by the U.S. Geological Survey have identified coal-tar-based sealcoat – the black, viscous liquid sprayed or painted on asphalt pavement such as driveways… Continue Reading Sealcoating problems