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Scugog Lake Stewards Inc. is an all volunteer group dedicated to sustaining and enhancing the health of Lake Scugog and its watershed through the promotion of PROJECTS, RESEARCH. EDUCATION AND COMMUNITY STEWARDSHIP.  It is a Registered Charitable Organization incorporated in 2003 and audited annually.  Your involvement in our work, your actions and your knowledge are critical to the health of the lake.



The recent Mayor’s Gala raised $66,640.00 for local groups. The Lake Stewards are ‘over the moon’ that they have received 50% of those funds to go toward the LAKE SCUGOG ENHANCEMENT PROJECT, https://scugoglakestewards.com/lake-scugog-enhancement…/ the other half will be split between the Port Perry Hospital Foundation and The Oakridges Hospice. Thank you so much to former Mayor Drew and all the many organizers, the generous sponsors and donors of auction gifts and to all those folks who opened their wallets and made this event such a success. Shown below is the hard working Gala team, other recipients, the former Mayor, and the very hard working Lake Steward, Pat Bunting, who is raising funds for the Enhancement project.


  1. Our 2021 Annual Report. 2021 SLS Annual Report FINAL
  2. FINAL Financial Statements – SLS for the year January 1 to December 31, 2021 approved at our AGM, on April 21, 2022 conducted by Inclusive Financial Advisory. 
  3. Our list of directors – 2022-23 Elected Directors
  4. Our Strategic Plan for 2020-2023 see Final Strategic Plan, 2020-2023 

For membership information, business donor recognition program, and how to donate, see: https://scugoglakestewards.com/membership-donation-lake-stewards/ 

What is happening today on the waters of Lake Scugog as seen from Port Perry Marina?

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Our mission is to preserve, protect and enhance Lake Scugog.  Like other lakes, our Lake Scugog faces the challenges of invasive species, sedimentation, water quality and lake level issues.  It is our job to work with partners to ensure the lake remains healthy and attractive for future generations.

Rob Messervey, President

  • A person doing research on a boat wearing a UOIT tshirt


    If we are to know what to do for the lake, we first must understand it.  We are fortunate to have excellent support and partners to do this. Enjoy the information on this site and our Youtube Videos.

  • Lake Scugog Enhancement Project

    Enhancement Project

    Over the years, work will be carried out to help our lake. The first improvement must start where the need is greatest for the whole lake, Port Perry Bay, through the Lake Scugog Enhancement Project.

  • Invasive Species

    Other Work

    The Stewards continually work on a wide range of projects: community education about the lake, invasive species prevention, improved fishing, Lake Week, lake level management and the Lindsay Dam, advocacy on various committees and much more.

  • Become a Member Lake Steward

    Become a Member / Donate

    Our work is important to your community. We would hope that you would Donate to the Enhancement Project, our Research or all importantly to the running of our organization and other projects.