Welcome to the Scugog Lake Stewards


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Our Membership Goal for 2020

The Scugog Lake Stewards has established a Membership goal of 300 for 2020.  We currently have 75 members or 25% towards our goal. We know that COVID 19 is affecting Non Profit Organizations but we need your support to ensure the Stewards can continue their work to protect and enhance Lake Scugog. All Members become STEWARDS of the lake, receive a monthly e-Newsletter on activities on and around the lake and an official tax receipt. 

Sign-up today and HELP us reach our Membership goal!  Please visit the Scugog Lake Stewards Membership/Donations webpage at https://scugoglakestewards.com/become-a-member-lake-stewards/. Payment can be made by e-transfer, cheque or credit card.

See our work plan for the next three years

After due consultation with the public, Township and Kawartha Conservation; our Directors passed our Final Strategic Plan, 2020-2023, “Enhancing our Lake and Watershed.” 

Our vision is a healthy Lake Scugog and watershed. To work towards that, we are implementing plans for attainment of goals in the areas of projects, research and monitoring, good communications and education including greater outreach through increased membership. Growing alignments with a wide range of government and non-governmental organizations will be pivotal.  Underlying this work will be the need for excellent governance of our organization.

We invite you to peruse this 2020 – 2023 Plan and perhaps ask yourself how you can help us to help our lake and watershed. We would welcome your membership (See https://scugoglakestewards.com/become-a-member-lake-stewards/ ), your ideas, or your offer to help us through volunteering on any of our committees. Contact us through our info@scugoglakestewards.com address.

Deferment of our Annual General Meeting as at April 2020

Formal notice of this new meeting date will appear on this website, on other social media and in the newspapers.

Overview of Scugog Lake Stewards Inc.

Scugog Lake Stewards Inc. is an incorporated, all volunteer, charitable organization dedicated to the health of Lake Scugog. While we received our charter in 2003, we began our mission in 1999 as the Scugog Shores Millennium Committee. Over the years, we have accomplished many projects and carried out long-standing lake research. We have developed an excellent reputation in the community and established many partnerships. We are fiscally frugal, with only a very small percent of our revenue used for administration. All other donated monies go to either the Lake Scugog Enhancement Project or to Research.

Lake Scugog is under pressure from many directions; time and its history are working against it. There are the pressures of increased population, invasive species and climate change; all of which are big factors for the continued health of our beautiful lake. (For additional information we have many videos posted on YouTube)

A healthy Lake Scugog is pivotal to all of us, our environment and economy. Every one of us can help whether we own lakefront property or not. Some ideas are to:

Our mission is to preserve, protect and enhance Lake Scugog. Our lake, like others, is filling in over time. It is our job to work with partners to ensure the lake remains healthy and attractive for future generations.

Rob Messervey, President