Lake Scugog Science


Following an extremely successful research year on Lake Scugog, the team is ready to begin monthly testing an analysis in the lake once again starting tomorrow, May 29, 2017.

L. to R. Dr. Thienpont, Dr. Korosi, Dr. Porter, Dr. Kirkwood and Tyler Harrow-Lyle at our Annual general meeting in April.

A team of partners, including researchers Dr. Andrea Kirkwood, Annette Tavares and Tyler Harrow-Lyle from U.O.I.T., Debbie Balika from Kawartha Conservation, Lisa Solomon from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and of course our researchers; Dr. Jennifer Korosi, Dr. Josh Thienpont and Dr. Ron Porter applied for and received a wonderful grant of $369,000 from the Trillium Foundation to cover an additional three years of study.

Dr. Thienpont is the Project Co-ordinator. Both doctors Thienpont and Korosi are Limnologists:  specialists able to anticipate the environmental impact and changes caused by human actions in order to help minimize damage to lake, river and stream ecosystems. Dr. Korosi is a member of our board of directors.
We will be posting updates and pictures of their work as it occurs.

Lake Scugog Science:  Lake Scugog Environmental Management Plan (LSEMP) – published in 2010


Lake Scugog Science: Nonquon River Fisheries Management Plan

For information on this plan, please use the “contact us” section of the www.kawarthaconservation.comwebsite or call 1-800-668-5722.


Lake Scugog Science: Nonquon River Subwatershed Study

For information on this plan also get in touch with Kawartha Conservation as above.


Lake Scugog Science: Port Perry Stormwater Management Plan

Final Report, December 2013 — High priority areas for the stormwater management plan were identified in the downtown core of Port Perry.  These areas are fully developed and drain directly into Lake Scugog and consist of seven sewersheds.  Over and above the very high levels of nutrients running into the lake, high levels of silt and sediment flow into the lake from this urban area.  It fills in the low spots and contributes to the decreased depth of the lake. In order to work on this the recommendations were as follows:

  1. Construction of selected infrastructure
  2. Amendments to by-laws
  3. Amendments to engineering design standards
  4. Amendments to municipal operations
  5. Cleaning and maintenance of existing stormwater management facilities and
  6. Education, outreach and other stewardship alternatives.

The Scugog Lake Stewards have been and continue to be very active in promoting and enforcing new standards for stormwater management especially in the Port Perry urban area.