MandateOur mandate is to generate as much enthusiasm and knowledge about Lake Scugog and its watershed diversity as possible, by involving community groups and the public in that month-long celebration. 

Dates:  Aug. August 1 to 31, 2023, 10 am to 4 pm, Latcham Centre and front lawn.

Marketing:  Discover Scugog, Focus, Star and Standard, Full page ad. in FOCUS, TV, radio, StepUpStepOut, Consumers’ Events listing Durham Region, through CitySpark.com, Jonathan VanBilsen and more.

  • 1 to 30, BIA Lake oriented window displays with prizes.
  • 4 to 6, Caesarea Regatta
  • 9, Two Blokes Cidery evening with food, music and information. Research Videos about the lake, shoreline naturalization, runoff protection. Stewards, Kawartha Conservation and perhaps North Durham Nature.
  • Ontario Invading Species Awareness Program, Clean Drain Dry truck and trailer at the Boat Launch doing boat washing.
  • 12, Scugog Farmers’ Market booth to talk about Discovery Day, brochures and membership.
  • 19, Lake Discovery day, 10 am to 4 pm. In the Latcham and on the lawn in front and to the side.
  • Scugog Lake Stewards, membership, brochures, LSEP, microscopes looking at benthics, demonstration model of OGS and of water filtration capability by various soils, fish recognition test for children, our research (4 or 5)
  • Kawartha Conservation, rake toss and aquatic plant i.d., shoreline naturalization, plants, etc., TV video show showing development around the lake from early 70’s , water quality work with microscopes. (3)
  • Ontario Tech. Students, Lake Scugog TAPER work being done this summer. (1)
  • Ontario Turtle Conservation Network; hopefully bring examples (1)
  • Dogwood Forest School, Demonstration of how pollutants enter the water other things for children. (1)
  • Ontario Invading species, committed, bringing truck and Clean, Drain, Dry trailer. (1 plus truck)
  • Shady Lane Tree Nursery, committed, bringing tree seedlings and information, maybe compost tea. (1)
  • Native Plants of Claremont, committed, (1 table outside), shoreline naturalization (1)
  • North Durham Nature: 2 hour hike north of boat launch talking about the importance of wetlands, James Kamstra 2 to 4.
  • 19, off site.
  • Theatre on the Ridge, (to be finalized) Carey Nicholson, Scugie costume and street theatre on Queen Street.
  • Chamber of Commerce, Maybe a scavenger hunt with questions about the Lake to be answered.
  • Scugog Shores Museum, Michelle Rahm, Committed to regular historic photos of Lake Scugog on Social Media.
  • Nonquon Outdoor Ed. Centre, (contacted, interested but needs finalization) for some lake or water centred event or maybe be part of our Latcham event.
  • Volunteers:
  • Port Perry Scouts, Jon Bolan. Will try to get Scouts involved. Needs follow-up.
  • Port Perry High School Environmental program, needs follow-up
  • Others: Our files and social media requests.
  • Other possibilities:
  • Scugog Council for the arts, Marion Meyers, something wonderfully imaginative about water or the lake during that time. Hopefully involving kids???:
  • Riverview Kayak tours group, Sean and Lorraine, maybe tours off the shoreline on Lake Discovery Day, or special day out of the Nonquon River dedicated to understanding water health.
  • Freedom Kayak, Caesarea. Show Kayaks on Lake Discovery Day?
  • Fishing group (maybe Bassmasters) to teach kids to fish from the shoreline at the park or?
  • Ontario Streams