DONATE to the Enhancement Project

Donations through the below online form will be dedicated to Lake Scugog Enhancement Project (LSEP) account. Construction is set to begin on the Lake Scugog Enhancement Project in the fall of 2021.

Should you wish to donate securities to this dedicated account instead of cash, this can be done by contacting the Chair of Fundraising directly, Pat Bunting at

How Fundraising is being Organized:

Since the Lake Scugog Enhancement Project (LSEP) is a Township of Scugog project carried out in partnership with Kawartha Conservation and the Scugog Lake Stewards; it reports to to the Healthy Lake Scugog Steering Committee of Township. Technical capability is provided by Kawartha Conservation with the Township; and the fundraising committee is led by Mr. Bunting, a Director of Scugog Lake Stewards.  Scugog Lake Stewards Inc. provides the audited specific LSEP financial portal for many of the donations from which funds are then transferred to the Township as required to do the construction.   This fundraising effort is already (as of this date September, 2019) well underway by the committee with the contact and discussions with large donors, all levels of government and finally the community will be approached and events held. Donations of all kinds will be very appreciated.

The Scugog Lake Stewards are an incorporated volunteer organization, # 89254 7100 RR0001 and therefore will give tax receipts.

Thank you for interest. If you have any questions or wish to volunteer, contact the Chair at the above e-address.