DONATE to the Enhancement Project

Donations through the below online form will be dedicated to Lake Scugog Enhancement Project (LSEP) account.

Should you wish to donate securities to this dedicated account instead of cash, this can be done by contacting the Chair of Fundraising directly, Pat Bunting at

How Fundraising is being Organized:

The fundraising committee is organized into three groups of responsibility to gather funds. Fundraising from all levels of Government, fundraising from environmentally oriented non-government organizations, and funds from the community on a roughly one-third basis each.  The Chair and Honorary Co-Chair, Barbara Karthein who is President of the Lake Stewards, have organized a dedicated team of volunteers to map out methods and possibilities and when given ‘the signal’ to go will be ready to begin their work from a plan. At this point in May 2017, we do have two requirement for the team:  First, we are looking for a volunteer with communications experience to service this website, make entries on Facebook and work with general communications and secondly, we need a person to suitably thank contributors. Please see our volunteer opportunity.

The Scugog Lake Stewards are an incorporated volunteer organization, # 89254 7100 RR0001 and therefore will give tax receipts.

Formal local launch of the campaign will be in September, 2017 at which time direct donations to the Enhancement Project (LSEP) through this specific LSEP website will be activated.

Thank you for interest. If you have any questions or wish to volunteer, contact the Chair at the above e-address.