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Testing lake water quality

Continuing research is crucial to being able to recommend solutions and definitely in order to answer the myriad of questions put to us by the public but also by organizations that we are working with for beginning the construction of the Lake Scugog Enhancement Project. Through our original grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation in the amount of $369,000 over three years, and working with a vast number of scientific experts from Ontario Tech., Kawartha Conservation, York University, and others; the Lake Stewards and our partners at Kawartha Conservation have become leaders in a vast movement to study the more northern lakes in the Trent-Severn System that Lake Scugog feeds. We are all vulnerable together to new invasive species, the effects of climate change and increased population based pressures.

We are very proud of our work and our strong citizen science groups. The final report as a result of this Trillium Foundation grant will be out late this fall, or early in the spring of 2020.

However, this grant which covered so many diverse studies will be over very soon. We now have a great need of donations in order to continue our regular lake work checking on invasive species, water quality testing to detect trends and to chart changes. Lake Scugog is so close to points of entry from other countries, and close to already compromised Lake Ontario; we truly need to have trained eyes on the lake all the time. In the meantime:  CLEAN, DRAIN, DRY your boat, wells, bilge and any bait pails.

Please donate to keep this going. We are applying for other grants and funds to help us.