Volunteer Opportunities

As of May 11, 2020 — the Scugog Lake Stewards are looking for the following volunteers:

  1. Since Covid-19 has prevented professional researchers from furthering our lake research in 2020, volunteers interested in following and helping in our research either by:  doing on-lake simple research studies from boats or kayaks letting us know general area, judgement of lake depth at that location, lake temperature, water clarity (very clear, somewhat clear, turbid or greenish, too full of algae and plants to tell), any special conditions such as dead fish, heavy surface algae. We would also like people who can do the above but like to learn to spot certain plants or algae using guides we provide. If you have GPS and or an underwater camera that would be even better. Contact us a.s.a.p. as below. We are beginning our studies.
  2. Anyone with shoreline properties, we would appreciate dated pictures of your shoreline water giving your location please. We will then analyse them and compile a file of conditions as the summer progresses. Picture shown is an example, this was submitted the week of May 20, 2020. The condition shown is of filamentous algae which is non-toxic but its overgrowth is caused by an excess of nutrients in the water caused by local fertilizer use, problems with septic fields, or removal of shoreline buffers and plants that might consume such algae nutrient.)
  3. Joining our Science Social group to meet quarterly talk about the lake, previous research and what can be done to keep it healthy.
  4. Provide great photos of the lake and its inhabitants that we could use in our social media. We would especially like Drone photos or underwater photos.
  5. We are also interested in people who might be interested in working on a committee or joining our board of Directors. Specifically we are looking for a Director, Business Services. We can provide a little job description.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please contact our Communications Director, Barbara Karthein at info@scugoglakestewards.com or telephone 905-985-0958.