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lawn careThere is no question that Lake Scugog is central to our community and our economy.   If we want to keep it healthy, and not allow it to age too quickly it is important to reduce the amount of plant nutrients that run off our properties into the streams and culverts that feed the lake. weed feed



Through the research that formed the base of the Lake Scugog Environmental Management Plan, we know that excess nitrogen and phosphorus from fertilizers, dishwasher detergents, private and municipal septic systems, pet waste and other human activities is causing the lake to age too quickly, grow excess aquatic plants and develop algae blooms. (see portview


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Soil testing: Suite 1, 503 Imperial Road North, Guelph, Ontario  N1H 6T9  1-800-265-7175.  Check out the “Lawn and Garden Plants” soil testing section.  ($19.95 range for basic testing)