Your Shoreline or Streambank

lake front

The Scugog Lake Stewards ask you to naturalize your lake and stream bank shorelines in order to help Lake Scugog to help itself.   Deep rooted vegetation not only provides excellent and yearly increasing erosion control, but it provides habitat, helps keeps nutrients and other pollutants out of the water and much more.

shoreline vegetated buffer areasAlthough these vegetated buffer areas along shorelines can be planted with all sorts of attractive native plants and given good garden design, they are definitely not gardens to be fussed with or raked bare each spring and fall. 90% of lake life takes place within 20 ft. of the water edge — in the water and on the land.  It is that lake life — from the waterfowl and fish right down to the microscopic life that they feed on together with all the shoreline plant life — that helps to clean the lake of pollutants and gives us the amazing diversity we enjoy so much.  This life needs a constant natural home throughout the seasons.  Grass, retaining walls and even gardened shoreline planted areas are not helpful to our beautiful lake or its many inhabitants.

For more on this topic and why see the articles below, call Kawartha Conservation or drop in to Scugog Connections, the environmental action centre right in Port Perry at 126 Water Street.  (905) 985-3279.

Shoreline before naturalization

Shoreline before naturalization

After Naturalization

After Naturalization

The  photo on the left is the  northern part of Joe Fowler Park in Port Perry before naturalization. 






The photo on the right is as it is now .  





Protecting your shoreline or stream bank from Erosion  **FILE TOO LARGE TO UPLOAD**This is a large file.  Give it time to come in.  It is Scugog specific – created for Scugog Connections by the Scugog Lake Stewards..

Vegetated Buffer Zones & Naturalization (pdf) for designing and planting your shoreline or streambank naturalization. Also a large, Scugog specific file of useful information and photographs.   Created for Scugog Connections by the Scugog Lake Stewards

Kawartha Conservation offers FREE consultations regarding your shoreline. Visit them on line at  or call 1-800-668-5722 and ask for the Stewardship Co-ordinator.

Why Scugog needs shoreline restoration (pdf)

Shoreline Native Plant Listing(pdf) Created by Barbara Karthein, for the Scugog Lake Stewards and Scugog Shores Historical Museum.

Landowner Information Data Sheets:  Protecting fish from sediment(pdf)

Information up-dated, April 2010, Scugog Lake Stewards.