Lake Scugog Enhancement Project

The Scugog Lake Stewards are very pleased to be partners in the Lake Scugog Enhancement Project (LSEP) with the Toimage003-1wnship and Kawartha Conservation and along with other members of the Healthy Lake Scugog Committee of the Township. Please see for the plan and its many benefits to the community.

The plans for this project and their intent were unanimously approved by Council in late November 2016. The final design, price and approvals from all the agencies having some jurisdiction over the lake are still to come in.  Funds for the project are being sought from governmental, non-governmental environmental groups, companies, events and from the local community. The local campaign will begin in May. Bill Eull is the Chairperson of Fundraising and Barbara Karthein is Honourary Chair as President of the Stewards. They have a great team working for them, but could always use additional volunteers to do a wide range of interesting work.  Contact them through:


Should you wish to contribute monetarily to this exciting project, donations will be taken through membership and donation page. The Lake Stewards have been asked to be the conduit for raising, managing and paying out funds using their charitable status which enables tax receipts. Donating online, you will receive an automatic immediate tax receipt and thank you. Should you wish to send your donation by cheque, please make it out to the Scugog Lake Stewards but indicate that you wish the funds to go to LSEP. Send it to the  Scugog Lake Stewards at 237 Queen Street, P. O. Box 1282, Port Perry, Ontario, L9L 1A0.

Funds will be kept, managed and formally audited in a dedicated Lake Scugog Enhancement Project bank account not accessible for use by the Lake Stewards in general or for research.

Keep checking in to this site and the project site for much more information as more is settledscan0085-640x342 regarding the project.