Lake Scugog Enhancement Project

Lake Scugog Enhancement Project Rendering
Very preliminary artist’s sketch of what the engineered wetland, berm and walkway might look like. Construction is due to begin in the fall of 2020.

Why we’re here

The Lake Scugog Enhancement Project is a $3 to $4 million-dollar project to improve the Port Perry Bay area by increasing localized areas to proper navigational depths and constructing an engineered wetland that filters harmful pollutants from stormwater runoff entering the lake, while providing a sanctuary for fish, birds, amphibians and turtles, and incorporating a beautiful walking path along Lake Scugog’s shores.

Lake Scugog’s features have constantly been in natural transition. The ecosystem is primarily driven and stressed by human influences like stormwater runoff, invasive species transmission and nutrient inputs (like phosphorus and nitrogen).

The lake requires responsible best-management practices including measures for the protection of diverse watershed ecosystems, while balancing the natural environment and sustainable economic development.

However, decades of high nutrient inputs, sedimentation, overabundant aquatic vegetation and invasive species have caused navigational, recreational and aesthetic issues for residents around the lake. These are caused by excessive unmanaged inputs from modern human activities such as stormwater runoff.

A collaborative approach with the Township of Scugog

The Healthy Lake Scugog Steering Committee (HLSSC) is a committee of the Township of Scugog Council. In 2013, the HLSSC began exploring opportunities to improve Lake Scugog.

The HLSSC is comprised of representatives from all government levels, local business owners, private residents, the Kawartha Region Conservation Authority, Scugog Lake Stewards Inc,. Parks Canada, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and the Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation.

The HLSSC identifies short- and long-term solutions and research through appropriate lead agencies within and outside the HLSSC and provides a collaborative effort to facilitate decision making and information gathering which leads to actions for improving Lake Scugog’s overall health, recreational and tourism/economic values.

The Township of Scugog

The Lake Scugog Enhancement Project is a project of the Township of Scugog. The Mayor and Council approved a resolution directing the HLSSC, Township staff and Kawartha Conservation to investigate and report back to Council on matters pertaining to the design, installation, and future maintenance and control of the Lake Scugog Enhancement Project.

Kawartha Conservation

Kawartha Conservation is a proud partner in the Lake Scugog Enhancement Project. Kawartha Conservation is a non-profit, environmental agency helping ensure the conservation, restoration and responsible management of water, land and natural habitats through programs and services.

Kawartha Conservation balances environmental capacity with human need, while managing natural resources essential for sustaining water quality and quantity, through watershed planning, stewardship, environmental monitoring and research, and management of conservation and natural areas.

Scugog Lake Stewards

The Scugog Lake Stewards are a proud partner in the Lake Scugog Enhancement Project. Scugog Lake Stewards is a registered charitable organization devoted to maintaining Lake Scugog’s health and well-being. The Stewards focus on Lake Scugog’s sustainability, usability and aesthetics by driving community engagement and enabling fundraising for the Lake Scugog Enhancement Project (LSEP), as directed by the Township of Scugog.

Join us in enhancing a vibrant, healthy and fun Lake Scugog

The success of this project requires contributions from many, including governments, foundations, businesses and personal charitable donations.

We are looking for visionaries to join us in caring deeply about Lake Scugog, its ecosystem and the people in its community. Join the Township of Scugog’s journey in environmental leadership and in its commitment to the communities in Scugog.

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