Lake Scugog Enhancement Project

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The Lake Scugog Enhancement Project is a $3-5 million-dollar project to improve the Port Perry Bay area by increasing a localized area to proper navigational depths and creating an engineered (constructed) wetland that filters harmful pollutants from stormwater runoff entering the lake, while providing a sanctuary for fish, birds, amphibians and turtles, and incorporating a beautiful walking path along Lake Scugog’s shores.

Lake Scugog’s natural features have been in constant transition since Day 1. The ecosystem is primarily driven and stressed by human influences like stormwater runoff, invasive species transmission and nutrient inputs (like phosphorus and nitrogen).

The lake requires responsible best-management practices including measures for the protection of diverse watershed ecosystems, while balancing the natural environment and sustainable economic development.

However, decades of high nutrient inputs, sedimentation, overabundant aquatic vegetation and invasive species have caused navigational, recreational and aesthetic issues for residents around the lake. These are caused by excessive unmanaged inputs from modern human activities such as stormwater runoff.

Visit the Township of Scugog’s website for the Lake Scugog Enhancement Project’s complete details.

The Scugog Lake Stewards’ role

The Lake Stewards’ role in this project will be to manage funds, receipts and more, for monies received. Pat Bunting ( chairs a separate fundraising committee which reports to the Healthy Lake Scugog Steering Committee.


Donate to the Lake Scugog Enhancement Project by making a donation at the membership and donation page and receive an automatic immediate tax receipt.

NOTE  Funds will be kept, managed and formally audited in a dedicated Lake Scugog Enhancement Project bank account.