Connecting with Nature

Scugog Lake Stewards

The Lake Stewards specialize in lake research and advocacy. The Lake Stewards’ Research, Fisheries and Communications committees collaborate with partners like the University of Ontario Institute of Technology and Kawartha Conservation while taking in-lake and near-shore water and sediment samples to better understand how and why Lake Scugog is changing.

The Lake Stewards’ research is one of the contributors to the Lake Scugog Environmental Management Plan (2010), the Nonquon River Fisheries Management Plan (2014), the Port Perry Stormwater Management Plan (2013) and the Nonquon River Subwatershed Study. Results have also led to a walleye fishing ban, spawning-bed remediation strategies, and invasive-species identification throughout the lake.

From this research, community engagement programming including the “Walleye Watch” program has been developed.

Kawartha Conservation

Kawartha Conservation prepares and publishes a variety of lake and environmental management plans to provide a scientific approach to protecting and managing the environment over the short and long terms. These plans involve detailed field inventories to identify natural features and factors affecting their health.

Their Lake Scugog Environmental Management Plan (2010) was prepared, addressing Lake Scugog’s water quality concerns. The plan identified reduced biodiversity, stormwater runoff and excess nutrients, sedimentation, excess plant growth and algae blooms as Lake Scugog’s greatest issues. The Port Perry Stormwater Study (2013) prepared by Kawartha Conservation identified a lack of stormwater controls and mitigation before entering the lake, and became an impetus for the Lake Scugog Enhancement Project.

Public access

The Township of Scugog provides public access to Lake Scugog at Palmer Park, Birdseye Park, the Scugog Memorial Public Library, the Old Mill and the Fowler Baseball Diamonds and Tennis Court.

The Port Perry Waterfront Trail System includes access points on Queen St., Casmir St., and Mary St. as pedestrians can hop on the Canterbury Common Loop, the Rotary Environmental Park, Birdseye Nature Walk, or Millennium Trail.

The Lake Scugog waterfront is home to dozens of philanthropic and social events hosted by service groups and community-minded citizens to raise money in support of important causes, public services and infrastructure. Popular annual events include the Dragon Boat Races, the Polar Plunge, the Rotary Club of Port Perry’s RibFest, the Lake Scugog Regatta, and the Canoe the Nonquon event.

Boating access

Access to Port Perry’s downtown shops and dining will be greater for boaters after the localized dredging of Port Perry Bay.

At merely 75 minutes from downtown Toronto and 40 minutes from most places in Durham Region, Lake Scugog is an attractive destination for boaters aiming to access the Trent Severn Waterway and the Kawarthas.

The West Shore Marina, Port Perry Marina, Goreski’s Landing, the Scugog Island Marina, Beacon Marina and Cross Creek Marina are the six marinas located on the lake. From these marinas, canoes, kayaks, paddleboats, fishing boats, runabouts, pontoon boats and other rentals are available. The Port Perry Municipal Ramp also provides boaters 24/7 access to Lake Scugog.

Fishing access

Lake Scugog, together with the other major lakes in the Kawartha Conservation watershed, provides more than 500,000 hours of fishing opportunities in most years.

A prize Scugog bass

Anglers come looking for Muskellunge (Muskie), Crappie, Small and Large mouth Bass, Perch and Catfish, aiming to cash in on the more than 200,000 fishing hours available each year on Lake Scugog.

It’s estimated that municipalities in the Kawartha watershed receive $10-15 million annually from tourism and recreational activities centred around the lake.

Join us in enhancing Lake Scugog

The success of this project requires contributions from many, including governments, foundations, businesses and personal charitable donations.

We are looking for visionaries to join us in caring deeply about Lake Scugog, its ecosystem and the people in its community. Join the Township of Scugog’s journey in environmental leadership and in its commitment to the communities in Scugog.

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