Partners’ Roles

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) sets the terms of understanding between the Township of Scuogog (The Township), Kawartha Conservation and the Scugog Lake Stewards Inc. (SLS) for the management of the Lake Scugog Enhancement Project. 

The Enhancement Project is a Township of Scugog Project.  Kawartha Conservation and Scugog Lake Stewards Inc. are partners. 

The Council of the Township of Scugog will be the final arbiter of how the project will proceed and how monies will be spent. Township staff in consultation with Kawartha Conservation will work with the designers and contractors to administer the entire project after decisions have been passed by Council. Council and staff will solicit funds for the Enhancement Project as are available to them and deposit said funds directly into the Township’s Enhancement Project account. The Township is responsible for accounting, report writing and auditing regarding these funds obtained directly by them.

Kawartha Conservation will work with the environmental planners and Township staff to ensure the best possible project and obtain the necessary permits from regulatory agencies. Kawartha Conservation will apply for and administer such grants and monies that are available to them and deposit such funds directly to the Township’s Enhancement Project accounts for their administration.

Healthy Lake Scugog Steering Committee (HLSSC):  To enable greater input into these staff and council choices for solutions for the lake, an advisory committee was formed of representatives of all the regulatory agencies, business owners, the Scugog Lake Stewards and private citizens, called the Healthy Lake Scugog Steering Committee (HLSSC). The Enhancement Project fundraising team is chosen by this committee and this team reports directly to the HLSSC.

Scugog Lake Stewards Inc.  The primary responsibilities for the Scugog Lake Stewards (SLS) will be to support community engagement and enable fundraising. Fundraising will be carried out on behalf of SLS by a Fundraising Team (FRT) working under the direction of the HLSSC. As an incorporated charitable organization, SLS will write tax receipts for donations; be they cash, securities or some gifts. The Scugog Lake Stewards have set up a special bank account for Enhancement Project funds and will administer the accounts, the audit, the tax receipts, etc. as required by the Canada Revenue Agency. Funds can only be removed from the special Lake Stewards’ LSEP account as requested in writing by Township Council to be applied to the project.  Other miscellaneous donations that come in to the Lake Stewards, but are not designated for the project, are initially deposited in our Lake Stewards’ ‘General’ account and may then be moved over at a later date through a minuted vote by the Lake Stewards’ Board of Directors.  There is also a separate account for all ‘Research’ monies.

Over and above being administered by a Board Member Treasurer and the Head of the Fundraising Committee, the accounting is carried out by Garrett Hazelwood, Chartered Professional Accountant, Port Perry and audited yearly by Scugog Financial Services, of Port Perry.

In addition, one of the main roles of the Lake Stewards is education; both about the Lake and the Enhancement Project as well as acting as a connection with the community. They do this through media posts, newsletters, events and public speaking.

Fundraising Committee for the Enhancement Project:  This committee reports to the Healthy Lake Scugog Steering Committee (HLSSC). It is a special sub-committee for fundraising through sources unavailable to the Township or Kawartha Conservation. They will also enable community fundraising projects through sub-committees.  While the head of the Fundraising Committee sits as such on the Board of Directors of the Scugog Lake Stewards, the Lake Stewards are NOT responsible for fundraising.