Expanding Community Benefit

Port Perry Bay problems
Port Perry Bay needs improvement

Economic benefits

Lake Scugog is an important natural resource for the Region of Durham, the City of Kawartha Lakes and all of Ontario, but it is locally endeared for its historical, social, recreational, economic, and emotional connections to the community.

The Lake Scugog Enhancement Project improves access to Port Perry Bay, which is in prime view for tourists, the media and potential real-estate buyers.

As part of the Kawartha Conservation watershed, Lake Scugog provides more than 500,000 hours of fishing opportunities in most years, and surrounding municipalities benefit approximately $10-15 million annually from the tourism and recreation its stimulates.

Recreational boating

Scugog Township’s proximity to the Greater Toronto Area makes it a terrific location for a scenic, historical and relaxing respite from the fast-paced bustle of a metropolitan urban centre.

Within 45 minutes from South Durham Region and only 75 minutes from downtown Toronto, Lake Scugog is an ideal location for boaters, and it offers the closest point of access into the Trent Severn Waterway and the Kawarthas.

The Lake Scugog Enhancement Project enables further boating by dredging Port Perry Bay to navigational depths, and improves access for boaters to reach Port Perry’s dining and shopping facilities.

Environmental education

The engineered wetland constructed by the Lake Scugog Enhancement Project will offer a variety of opportunities to create Lake Scugog advocates.

Existing trail sign in Joe Fowler Park

Having the community enter and engage with the environment surrounding Lake Scugog is the first step in building an emotional investment with the shoreline, which leads to promoting stewardship.

Signage along the trail will educate the public on the nesting habits of native species of turtles, fish and birds, as well as the value of using natural and attractive methods to mitigate stormwater, and showcases The Township of Scugog as an environmental leader.

Community Functions

The waterfront is the public’s first choice for community events across Scugog Township and is home to dozens of philanthropic and social events hosted by service groups, community-minded citizens, and the Township. Visitors, tourists and residents crowd to the lake to socialize during special events.

The Township of Scugog annually hosts Canada Day events in Palmer Park, the Lake Scugog Regatta hosts a weekend of special events in celebration of life on the lake, the Port Perry Business Improvement Association hosts its annual Christmas Tree Lighting by the water, and dozens of philanthropic events are run in support of worthy causes that enrich our community.

A more attractive and more accessible lake and shoreline made possible by the Lake Scugog Enhancement Project benefits all public functions hosted on the waterfront each year.

Aesthetic value

Port Perry prides itself on its historic Victorian appeal, accented by the reflecting-pool qualities of Lake Scugog. Peering east down Queen St., past the Old Mill and out onto Port Perry Bay, the reflection of Scugog Island ripples, as boaters glide by.

Queen St. and Lake Scugog combine to be representative of quiet, picturesque towns to which people aspire, so much so that it’s been featured in film and television as the setting of scenic small towns in both Welcome to Mooseport (2004) and The West Wing (2005).

With reduced sediment and nutrient inputs, the the Lake Scugog Enhancement Project will enhance the aesthetics of the waterfront, providing a beautiful shoreline and lovely area for strolling, bird watching and reflection.

Join us in enhancing a vibrant, healthy and fun Lake Scugog

The success of this project requires contributions from many, including governments, foundations, businesses and personal charitable donations.

We are looking for visionaries to join us in caring deeply about Lake Scugog, its ecosystem and the people in its community. Join the Township of Scugog’s journey in environmental leadership and in its commitment to the communities in Scugog.

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