Recreational Benefits of Lake Scugog Enhancement Project

SUP on Lake ScugogThe Lake Scugog Enhancement Project will create many recreational benefits as a result of a deeper weed-free lake, engineered wetland and additional walking trail.

The Recreational benefits of dredging.

  • Enable boating of of all kinds because of greater depth – sailing, kayaking, canoeing, standup paddleboarding, power boating, water skiing — all giving excellent, easily accessible exercise.
  • Enable boating of all kinds through the removal of heavy invasive plant growth.
  • Improve fishing opportunities year around.
  • Provide for a wide range of events to take place including the large Dragon Boat Festival, junior rowing competititions, ‘Take back the Lake’ competitive standup paddling, jet ski races, small power craft races of fishing tournaments matched with the newly refurbished Port Perry waterfront and parks.
  • Most of these festivities require park space as well as deeper, comparatively ‘weed free’ water, Port Perry offers the perfect facility.
  • Enable children to swim once again as they enjoy the small beach as well as the existing play equipment and the water park. With the stormwater problem solved to the south, the water quality would improve greatly.
  • Improve power boating visits to the area.  With increased water depth, larger boats will have a destination from other parts of the lake or from the Trent Severn Waterway via the Scugog River.
  • Increase water turnover rate and wave action which will reduce plant growth and algae and therefore there will be less still water that nurtures more algae and plant growth.
  • Increase the business for all the marinas around the lake especially Port Perry Marina. There will be more interest in renting slips in such an area and more interest in using the municipal boat launch when there is greater water depth.

Recreational benefits of the engineered wetland:

  • Fishing opportunities in the deeper water.
  • Increased bird watching and turtle watching.
  • Improve the quality of the water beyond, right up past the beach at Palmer Park.

Recreational benefits of the new walking trail:

  • As an accessible walking/biking trail, this will add considerably to the opportunity to get exercise in our township. This will allow a walk right to a large grocery store from the downtown: a boon for those living downtown and walking children or with strollers.
  • Enable safe fishing areas for children.
  • Enable safe snowmobile access to the town and to the grocery store.
  • Enable an educational opportunity for tourists and local citizens about how wetlands work.