Lake Scugog Fishing

Muskie released to its habitat

There are many different species of fish known to inhabit Lake Scugog.  These include the mighty Muskellunge, which is commonly referred to as a Muskie. Scugog is known to have a healthy population of Muskie and those who fish them often refer to themselves as Muskie hunters.

Largemouth bass

Largemouth and Smallmouth bass are both abundant in Lake Scugog. In fact, the lake has often been said to be a “bass factory”.  Bass are often called bucketmouths, smallies or bronzebacks.  There are more Largemouth than Smallmouth bass in Scugog. (Photo: Largemouth bass caught in Lake Scugog).

Walleye or Pickerel are present in Lake Scugog but, in 2016, a fishing moratorium was put in place by the OMNRF.  We are currently working with the OMNRF to figure out what is happening with the walleye population through several initiatives including Walleye Watch which takes place during the spawn, Aquatic Water Plant research with UOIT, Water Quality testing with KCRA and a proposed Walleye Spawning Rehabilitation Project with the OFAH.

We are hopeful that our permit application will be granted so we can implement our Spawning bed rehab in the winter of 2019.

Black Crappie are abundant in Lake Scugog and they are becoming more popular because of their great taste.  Other Panfish, throughout Lake Scugog include Pumpkinseed (sunfish), Perch, Rock Bass and Bluegill.  Although not as abundant as they once were, Catfish still call Scugog home.

Finally, if you are ever near the shores of Scugog in May/June, you may notice large numbers of carp spawning. They jump and swirl around in the waters at the shorelines and in shallow bays throughout the lake.

Please enjoy and respect the fishing opportunities that Lake Scugog has to offer.

Review FMZ17 fishing regulations for more information.