Ice Fishing

Ice hut
A warm refuge for Ice fishing

Ice fishing on Lake Scugog is very popular.

The most commonly-caught fish are black crappie and perch. Scugog has a very healthy population of perch and crappie.  Both species of fish are great tasting and fun to catch through the ice. It is not uncommon to catch crappie in the 1 lb range, however the average size is around ½ a pound.  Jumbo perch seem to be becoming more common but the average perch is around 6 inches.  You may also find yourself catching bluegills and pumpkinseeds. 

For all these types of fish, try using a small minnow and small tube jigs.  White, chartreuse, yellow and green are good choices.  The best locations to target winter panfish are along weed lines with healthy green weeds. The best times to catch fish seem to be at dusk and dawn. 

Regulations for Zone 17

Fishing licences are mandatory and huts and fish caught are monitored by Conservation Officers from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry regularly. See the Ontario regulations regarding ice fishing and hut licencing as well as hut out times. Marinas around Scugog also rent ice huts. See Marinas and boat launches. There are also ice excursions available through ————-

Please note Effective Jan 1, 2016, Walleye fishing on Lake Scugog is closed and it is illegal to target them or have any in your possession.