Future Priorities / Ideas

Future Priorities and ideas:

In an attempt to contribute to conditions that will allow the return of walleye populations to our lake, we hope to rehabilitate historical spawning areas in the lake and its tributaries. We plan to expand our current efforts as a result of the walleye spawning studies, to work with our partner Kawartha Conservation in assessing the present viability of the rivers and streams flowing in to Lake Scugog for fish spawning. Plans are in development for installing rehabilitated spawning beds in strategic locations in the lake, and studying their potential for improving spawning success. The gift of an underwater camera system from our good friends at Rapala, will add a new (visual) dimension to our studies in 2019, and so expect to see more underwater video associated with our work in the coming year.

Our diverse research program is well underway and the enthusiasm of the Stewards and our academic colleagues and partners suggests that the work has only just begun. We are particularly proud that the research underway provides an opportunity for many young academics to reach their personal goals of graduate degrees, developing expertise related to our lake’s ecosystem. We have a very active program and welcome all of you to join us in this exploration of activities as part of the ever growing Science Committee of the Scugog Lake Stewards.