Water level management

Water Level Information:  Below

Information about the dam and lock at Lindsay:  https://scugoglakestewards.com/other-projects/the-operation-of-the-dam-at-lindsay/ )

Migrating Waterfowl of Lake Scugog as at October 4, 2020, see section: Other Projects: Community Knowledge https://scugoglakestewards.com/other-projects/lake-scugog-education/

THE LEVEL OF THE LAKE THIS YEAR as at April 23, 2021 – Update. 

The Lake Stewards have met many times with the management of Lock 33, or the Lindsay Dam. We believe the talks have been fruitful and that they understand the need to keep as much water in the lake in early spring as possible. You will see from the graph that the level of Lake Scugog is just slightly above average. The picture below shows how the dam is completely closed but that water is spilling over the top.

At the same time as this picture was taken, April 17, 2021 the water was high enough to be pouring over the 60 to 70 ft. long spillway (not seen in this picture). This spillway is about 6 inches over the height of the top log of the dam.  The maximum height of water in the lake is 250 ft. above sea level.  As of this day, it is well above where it is possible for the dam to hold the water in the lake.