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Agriculture Canada indicates that there are billions of organisms in a teaspoon of healthy soil. This soil life directly impacts the availability of lawn nutrients. So the secret of a healthy lawn (all plants), is not top down through fertilizing, in fact that is negative in the long run —… Read More


April, 2019 — SHOULD YOU FERTILIZE YOUR LAWN? We would ask that you don’t — don’t even consider the new low phosphorus, high nitrogen plus iron formulae that is being promoted on TV. Nitrogen is water soluble and runs off easily into streams, ditches and our lake. That excess nitrogen… Read More

Public Posting of Annual General Meeting Minutes 2018

The minutes from the Annual General Meeting held on April 19, 2108 are attached below and will be voted upon as part of our Annual Meeting to be held this April 25 at the Scugog Memorial Library, Water Street, Port Perry, starting at 6:30 p.m., with coffee and cake followed… Read More


  PLAN TO ATTEND THE SCUGOG LAKE STEWARDS’   ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING We invite you to celebrate our 20 years of work to sustain and improve Lake Scugog. Everyone welcome. Thursday, April 25, 2019, 6:30 – 8:45 p.m. Scugog Memorial Library, Water Street, Port Perry 6 to 7 pm ‘Meet and… Read More

Ice safety

So important, but better still — stay off until the ice is really thick! Know the depth and the currents and springs that might make it thinner in spots.

Stormwater Management

Kawartha Conservation Kawartha Conservation prepares and publishes a variety of lake and environmental management plans to provide a scientific approach to protecting and managing the environment over the short and long terms. These plans involve detailed field inventories and water quality and quantity studies to identify natural features and factors… Read More

Starry Stonewort: New information

November 9, 2018:  Before the Scugog Lake Stewards determined that the new invasive alga starry stonewort had arrived and was taking over, lakes in Wisconsin and MIchigan were struggling with it. For an up to date report on what they have found and the problems that this new alga presents see:

2018 AGM and Information Session

Despite competition from a crucial Leaf’s playoff game, we had a good turn-out for our Annual General Meeting. Those who attended this well advertised event participated in choosing our new Board of Directors for 2018-2019.  Re-elected directors were: Patrick Bunting, Bill Eull, Tyler Harrington, Yan Michaud, Barbara Karthein and Ron… Read More