Other Projects

Every year the Scugog Lake Stewards find that they need to follow up on a new story, problem or committee membership over and above their regular commitments of education, research and the Lake Scugog Enhancement Project. Sometimes a few interests can be left off the list as they are no longer relevant and others come to the forefront.

Water Levels

For instance, in drought years, there is always a good deal of activity around education of the community, the Trent-Severn Waterway staff and Scugog Council. Membership in a Low-water Response committee may become important. In normal or wet years, that activity is limited to checking water levels on the Trent-Severn website.

We do endeavour to be your ‘eyes and ears’ on the waters of Lake Scugog. Therefore if you have a particular concern, please contact us at info@scugoglakestewards.com  We would be more than pleased to hear from you.

A REMINDER:  On hot windy days in the summer, the lake can go down almost a centimeter. This is not because the dam is open, rather it it is because the water is warm and shallow and the wind increases evaporation over its large surface area. In general, the dam is closed from July 1 all summer unless the watershed is saturated already and there is more rain, or large rain events predicted. This is part of the Trent-Severn Waterway’s mandate to protect the watershed from flooding. They manage the level usually to 250m above sea level, which is the maximum height of the top of the dam.

Lake Scugog Calendar 2019

Evening on Scugog
A quiet moment for contemplation

Thank you so much for all your photos and memories from around the lake submitted to us for our 2019 Lake Scugog Calendar. We received about 150 shots and it was very difficult for the Judges: Tony Janssen, Jonathan VanBilsen and Yannick Michaud to make up their mind. The completed calendars are available in many stores around the Lake and especially in Port Perry. We will publish a list of where to get your calendar for $10 very soon. This was a marvelous opportunity to hear from so many of you and to see your love of your times around our lake. This is one that brought back memories for me. Keep the calendar in mind for friends and relatives as hostess gifts or stocking stuffers this Christmas!