Lake Stewards’ Overview:

Ours is a community of very busy people; working, commuting, raising children and grandchildren, and understanding the needs of the Lake and the variables of lake science is complicated. In addition, Lake Scugog has 132 km. of shoreline and over 3000 houses fronting on the lake and many thousands more in back lots and lands beyond. What exactly needs to be tackled in order to keep our lake as healthy as possible in the face of increased development and consequent reduced forest cover, climate change, invasive species and just the passing of time is our mandate.

What we do to help people understand and act:

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This new website is another method to keep in touch.

However, we cannot know what you are specifically interested in unless you tell us. Send in your questions to

We cannot do our volunteer work, however, without the funds we receive through your membership in our organization. These funds pay for our insurance, our website domain, our printing costs and any extra over our running costs will be allocated by board vote to one of our important projects such as the Lake Scugog Enhancement Project.  We look forward to your becoming a member.