Scugog Lake Stewards Board of Directors for 2017-18

The Scugog Lake Stewards are happy to announce the following Board of Directors for 2017-18, elected at their Annual General Meeting, April  6, 2017.

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(Under review)

Port Perry Bay.

Port Perry during Dragon Boat Festival 2013. Note the silt plume from the storm drains and the silt delta that hosts a wide range of aquatic plants.

1. Strong participation with the Working Group for a Healthy Lake Scugog in The Lake Scugog Enhancement Project: An environmental improvement and dredging project for Port Perry Bays for the benefit of the whole lake, Heavy involvement in fundraising for the project.

2. Stormwater management promotion to keep as much silt and pollutants out of the lake as possible through multiple means..
Involvement in BlueScaping project – Urban Port Perry and urban rural runoff improvement around the shorelines in conjunction with Kawartha Conservation.

3. Education and communication
Stay with the tools we are currently using: Website, Facebook and articles in newspapers and magazines concentrating on environmental education about protecting the health of the lake. Increase our exposure.

4. Research and monitoring
Continue monthly summer research patrols to cover the whole lake monitoring changes in the water body and aquatic plant/algal life.
Specific research with science experts from U.O.I.T. and others.
Regular communication with roundtable participants and
host a second roundtable in Fall of 2016.

5. Participation in events, creating good handouts and a great booth display. Co-ordinating volunteers for such events. Thanking the organizers and contributors.

6. Regular Board of Directors’ training and recruitment of new directors to fill specific needs.

7. Following information on fish populations and habitat. Working with the MNRF fish issues including participation in their planned walleye spawning bed restoration project and ‘Walleye Watch’ program.

8. Following water levels and working with the Trent-Severn Waterway.

9. Increasing membership and developing a better method for recording and tracking names and donors.

10. Fundraising for SLS interests as needed using sources independent of fundraising for the Environmental Improvement and Dredging project for Port Perry Bays.

11. Promote our working relationship with universities, conservation groups, all levels of government and consultants.

Mission Statement

The Scugog Lake Stewards, an incorporated all-volunteer charitable group, is devoted to the health and welfare of Lake Scugog.  Our focus is directed specifically at the lake’s sustainability, its usability and its aesthetic qualities. 


The charitable status of Scugog Lake Stewards Inc. under the Canada Revenues Act requires that any works which we fund with charitably raised money must have as their primary purpose the improvement of the environment, more specifically Lake Scugog.  Any benefits that might accrue to others, as a result of such a project, must not represent more than a small part of the overall benefit. 

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