Scugog Lake Stewards are really cookin’

The Scugog Lake Stewards have a so many projects on the go in 2016! Many of our projects have been on the burner for several years and are now just coming “to a boil.”  Each program or project has a fantastic leader and we are raring to go.

Monitor trip 2, May 31, East 4 (640x427)LAKE MONITORING AND RESEARCH:  Dr. Ron Porter on our Board of Directors is heading up a multi year lake plant, algae and bugs in the mud study with U.O.I.T.  We have received funding from the Hillier Foundation, the McLean Foundation and RBC Blue Water fund to do this year’s work on the lake with 3 environmental studies students under the guidance of Dr. Andrea Kirkwood and Senior Lecturer, Annette Tavares from that University.  They, plus a retinue of other Board members, volunteers and interested folks go out once a month to the East side of the lake and another day to the West side. We have been donated the fantastic gift of the use of a large size pontoon boat by Louise Renwick. We will be forever grateful. We look forward to keeping you up to date with the results of this research but there is one thing for sure — last year’s overwhelming amount of the alga stonewort is back but at the moment there are also great masses of Curly-leaf Pondweed which will die down within weeks as its cycle is over for the year.

ADDITIONAL RESEARCH:  This time, the research which will be carried out on the 14th of this month will be with Dr. Hall of the University of Waterloo. This research has been organized by our Science Consultant, Debbie Balika, from Kawartha Conservation and it will see core samples taken from Port Perry bay of the many layers of muck right down to solid bottom. It will be examined using lead 210 dating to determine exactly how much muck is laid down each year by either plant decomposition or silt and sediment coming from land or from the air.  This work is to gather material to determine the long term value of a dredge in that area in preparation for the Lake Scugog Enhancement Project.  This time John Mackey of Port Perry Marina has kindly lent us a craft.Logo for the Lake Scugog Enhancement Project

Logo for the new Lake Scugog Enhancement Project at left.

LAKE SCUGOG ENHANCEMENT PROJECT:  In conjunction with the Steering Committee for Healthy Lake Scugog (Township, Kawartha Conservation, Trent Severn Waterway, provincial and federal members of parliament, and many business owners) plans are underway to design a combination dredging project for Port Perry Bay, stormwater improvement site and hopefully an additional interesting walking trail from approximately south of the beach at Palmer Park over to Vos’ Independent.  The bay from the Port Perry Marina to the south has been filling in for years.  This condition is specially noticeable in the area south of Palmer Park. It is basically unusable for recreation and when the water is low, creates unpleasant conditions. However, all of this is still in the design stage and then must pass Trent-Severn Waterway approval as well as Township approval. But the ‘gears’ are working.

Some of the fill-in is caused by runoff from Port Perry through many stormwater culverts. There is no space to treat it inland so the only option is to turn a negative into a positive and create a stormwater treatment area in the shallowest and least environmentally healthy area of the lake — that south/west corner.  Stay tuned as designs will be coming forward for your comment later in the summer, early fall.  Board members Barbara Karthein, Pat Bunting and Bill Eull are heading up this project for the Stewards with the Steering Committee, with Bill Eull taking the lead on the Fundraising Committee with Barbara Karthein as the honourary Chair.

Scan0068EVENTS:  Susan Christie is heading this aspect of our program.  All in all we will be present at 7 events this summer telling our story, sometimes with our tent and sometimes just wearing our Lake Stewards’ Tee-shirts; talking and giving out pamphlets of our work. Many of these events are contributing either to the Stewards’ general fund or to designated funds to go to the Lake Scugog Enhancement Project. Events such as RBC Blue water day, the Dragon Boat Challenge, Roar by the Shore, Rotary Rib Fest, Brits on the Lake, Old Flame’s Craft Brewery Festival, and even the United Way Tricycle Race where we will be cooking burgers and hot dogs getting funds for the United Way.

Look for our “Milfoil Manglers” team out on the lake and raising pledged funds during the Dragon Boat Challenge.  Talk to us that day, or pledge money to our team today! Log in to…/…/portperrydragonboatfestival/. The Stewards receive 20% of the funds raised and the Hospital Foundation the other 80%.  You will recognize us in our royal blue with green lettering shirts.

One of our most exciting events coming up is not in that list — it is the marvellous Jack Doak of Old Flame’s ‘Milfoil Maiden’ beer launch at the Brewery on June 21. Every bottle purchased this summer of this lovely lady of beers also contributes to the Stewards.  Organizer and Stewards’ Director, Jenn Sunnerton, and the rest of the Stewards look forward to seeing you all there for the maiden voyage where you can also sign up for a membership with us and get a free beer!!  It should be the “fun beer” for all parties this summer!  Be sure to stock up.   (* Milfoil is of course the invasive weed found in the lake that up until recently completely dominated the lake bottom.)

COMMUNICATIONS UPDATE:  Directors Jenn Sunnerton and Pat Bunting are working on an all new communications strategy which we will be rolling out soon to members and friends.

WE ARE HITTING THE BIG LEAGUES.  We will need to raise a significant amount of money through grants and community contributions for the Lake Scugog Enhancement Project which will start construction at the earliest, the fall of 2017.  But much of it is dependent on approvals from members of the Steering Committee, tenders and of course fund raising.  Because of this ramp up of financial activity and grant requirements, every aspect of our organization needs to be updated such as governance documents.  Our Treasurer, Cindy Vaughn is heading this aspect up with help of other directors and with Scugog Accounting and Financial Services of Port Perry. We will require financial audits, legal counsel and accounting help.  This does not come cheaply, neither can it be thrown together lightly.

Of course, our Secretary Chris Hall provides us with excellent minutes from our complicated agendas, Director, Tyler Harrington and Chris Hockley are working on various fisheries subjects.  Tyler organized this spring’s very successful “Walleye Watch” with the OMNRF. Yvonne Storm works on all important grants as does director, Erin Edwards.  Erin also works on the LSEP Fundraising committee.

Join us for the coming ride.  See our membership page for how to become a member or to donate. We look forward to working with you. Send us your comments to: