Board of Directors for 2019 – 2020

Scugog Lake Stewards Board of Directors for 2019 – 2020

New Board of Directors as of our Annual General Meeting April 25, 2019 (and assigned Portfolios)

  • Rob Messervey, President
  • Bill Eull, Vice-President
  • Doug Thiemann, Treasurer and Membership
  • Pat Bunting, Director for the Lake Scugog Enhancement Program
  • Tyler Harrington, Director, Fisheries
  • Barbara Karthein, Director of Communications
  • Chuck Heroux, Director of Monitoring and Research
  • Heather Bell, Director-at-Large, Focus on Media
  • Tim Robins, Director, Membership
  • Cliff Moon, Director-at-Large, Focus on Education


  • Research Committee Co-Chairs:  Ron Porter, Colleen Dempster


  • Science Consultants:  Dr. Andrea Kirkwood, Ontario Tech., Debbie Balika, Kawartha Conservation, Dr. Jennifer Korosi, York University, Dr. Josh Thienpont, U. of Ottawa, Tyler Harrow-Lyle, PhD. student, Ontario Tech., Erin Smith, Master’s student, Ontario Tech., Brett Tregunno, M.Sc., Kawartha Conservation, Colleen Dempster, M.Sc., and official connection with our sister group the Kawartha Lake Stewards Association, Representatives from the OMNRF.
  • First Nations Consultant: Jamie Coons, Councillor, MSIFN

The directors and researchers that work hard to protect and enhance Lake Scugog. (L to R, Cliff Moon, Erin Smith, Tyler Harrow-Lyle, Past President Barbara Karthein, Tim Robins, Pat Sparling, President Rob Messervey, Chuck Heroux, Brett Tregunno, Pat Bunting, Andrea Kirkwood, Karen Hunt, Doug Thiemann, Ron Porter, Debbie Balika, Jenny Korosi and Tyler Harrington, missing from the photo are Josh Thienpont, Jamie Coons, Colleen Dempster, Bill Eull). What an incredibly talented and dedicated crew!

2018 Audit Report from Inclusive Accounting

Our 2018 Audit Report was presented to our Annual General Meeting, April 25, 2019. A copy of can be found at: 2019 Audit report for year 2018 You will see that the Lake Stewards have three separate accounts for funds received and disbursed: ‘Restricted Account – Research’, and ‘Restricted Account -Lake Scugog Enhancement Project’ and then our ‘General Account’.  Funds donated for either research or the Lake Scugog Enhancement project cannot be used for expenses in any of the other accounts.

Our Annual Report for year end 2019 will be mailed out to members in mid June.  It was necessary to defer our planned Annual General Meeting scheduled for April 28, 2020 because of Covid-19. We will notify you as soon as we are once again able to meet for such a important session.

Please contact us at if you have any questions.