Scugog Township Low Water Information

December 9th, 2016

Scugog Township is experiencing Level III low water conditions. That means we are experiencing a very dry year and many wells around Scugog have gone, or are going dry, and our lake is experiencing very low water levels. A Low Water Response Team organized by Kawartha Conservation (KC) is monitoring conditions and has recommended a series of workshops to help people understand their wells and options.  Since the ground is now frozen, there probably will not be any improvement in conditions until Spring.

On December 5,  KC held a very well attended meeting in Blackstock to address well water information and possible solutions. The following is the excellent note sent out later to attendees that is full of important information.  Thank you Holly Shipclark of KC for this work. 

A few items were discussed at the workshop which included links to other sources of information. I’m sending those links along:

Well Records Online: To search for your Water Well Record online go to the following website:  If there is a well tag affixed to your well, you can enter the well tag number into the first search bar. If you don’t have a tag, or don’t know your well tag number, you can just enter your address into the second search bar.

Well Water Testing

·         Local Health Unit – bacteriological testing (E. Coli and total coliforms) – Within Durham Region, sample collection kits can be picked up and samples can be dropped off at designated drop off locations.

·         For other testing, the Ontario Groundwater Association recommends using the Well Wise Well Water Testing Program for low-cost multi-parameter testing. Various testing packages are available.   If you’re not sure what you want to test this Well Wise Brochure may help.

We talked a bit about water level meters, and we showed you a picture of a product available through a US supplier with various sonar products for home owners:  I have no experience with this, or similar products and I cannot provide any information about whether or not this product would make a well susceptible to contamination.  There is some information on the company’s FAQ Webpage.

Additional Useful Links:

Kawartha Conservation’s Low Water Response Program:

Managing Your Water Well in Times of Drought (MOECC):
If you would like to contact the presenter, Greg Bullock, from Eades Well Drilling for questions, you may do so directly:   1 705 374 5480 | 1 877 270 9355

Here are two documents concerning active water harvesting that are useful for reference:

·         Collecting and Using Rainwater at Home (CMHC, 2013)

·         Ontario Guidelines for Residential Rainwater Harvesting Systems (Sustainable Technologies, 2010)

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I hope that this email addresses any outstanding questions from the workshop. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me.

Have a wonderful day,

Holly Shipclark
Stewardship Coordinator

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Lindsay, ON  K9V 4R1

Tel: 705.328.2271 ext. 240

Fax: 705.328.2286

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