April, 2019 — SHOULD YOU FERTILIZE YOUR LAWN? We would ask that you don’t — don’t even consider the new low phosphorus, high nitrogen plus iron formulae that is being promoted on TV. Nitrogen is water soluble and runs off easily into streams, ditches and our lake. That excess nitrogen from the fertilizers causes ‘eutrophication’ in the lake, which leads to harmful algae blooms with hypoxia — meaning reduced levels of oxygen that create conditions in which lake life can’t survive.

Climate change increases runoff of fertilizers and all nutrients. What is astonishing is that your soil and lawn probably do not even need it. By over-stimulating your grass you cause later thatch, causing a better place for pests to thrive since the tops of the grass plants grow faster than their root structure and then die back.

Most damaging about the home use of lawn fertilizers is that you increase the burden on the sustainability of our water — both in the ground and in our lake and streams. Pretty — therefore, has a BIG COST to the environment and your water!

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