Water Quslity
PhD candidate Tyler Harrow-Lyle

Since its beginning, the Scugog Lake Stewards have been involved in scientific studies to further understand the lake.  This has included the plants and animals associated with it, the appearance of invasive species such as Eurasian watermilfoil, Zebra mussels, and recently the pervasive alga, Starry Stonewort.

RESULTS OF 3-4 YEARS OF RESEARCH, as at October, 2020.

Dr. A. Kirkwood

In 2016, the Lake Stewards together with Dr. A. Kirkwood’s lab. at Ontario Tech. University, Kawartha Conservation, and York University obtained funds for a 3 year study of walleye habitat and the general health of Lake Scugog starting in the summer of 2017.  Current PhD candidate headed up the science. The results of the the partners’ work and that of many citizen scientists has been summed up in a presentation to Lake Stewards’ members at our recent Annual General Meeting held by Zoom. That presentation can be found on YouTube:  Dr. Kirkwood gives us all the information about the current health of Lake Scugog and its water quality.  It is 30 minutes in total, but well worth the time.  Dr. Kirkwood is an excellent speaker and makes difficult information very understandable. She ends presentation with conclusions as to what expect and what can be done.

Make sure you also check out the 40 or so smaller videos on our Scugog Lake Stewards’ YouTube site made as a result of the grant. Each video on the list given answers a specific question.