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NEWS AT OCTOBER, 2020 “Lake Scugog is a very important staging area for waterfowl in both the spring and fall as they return from their wintering or breeding grounds up north. Migration consumes a lot of energy, so a safe haven with adequate food resources is essential. Many species will… Read More


FIRST PHOTO CONTEST, ‘SUNSET OR SUNRISE OVER LAKE SCUGOG’ :  Rowena Garcia submitted this amazing photo of our beloved Lake Scugog sunsets. Congratulations Rowena. WINNER OF OUR SECOND PHOTO CONTEST: ‘FUN ON LAKE SCUGOG’ – Closed September 15, 2020  — Lindsay Coutts submitted this great photo of the joys of… Read More

Ice safety

So important, but better still — stay off until the ice is really thick! Know the depth and the currents and springs that might make it thinner in spots.

Starry Stonewort:

November 9, 2018:  Before the Scugog Lake Stewards determined that the new invasive alga starry stonewort had arrived and was taking over, lakes in Wisconsin and MIchigan were struggling with it. For an up to date report on what they have found and the problems that this new alga presents see: https://cdn.cloud1.cemah.net/wp-content/uploads/sites/63/2018/10/Starry-Stonewort-Invasive-Species-Field-Report-Fall-2018.pdf

Lake Stewards’ latest newsletter

  YOU ARE PERSONALLY INVITEDand we hope to see you there!A project of Scugog Township in partnership with Kawartha Conservation and Scugog Lake Stewards Inc.www.lakescugogenhancement.ca    For further details please view the Notice attached and available at http://www.scugog.ca/en/township-office/resources/Notice-of-Public-Open-House—Dec-5-2017.pdf on the Township of Scugog’s website. If you have questions or require additional information please contact… Read More

Understanding toxic blue-green algae blooms

Lake Scugog has recently been identified by the MOECC as having a low level toxic algae bloom in the area off Kinsmen’s beach and the snowmobile ramp in Port Perry Bay. Specific conditions this year and a high existing level of nutrients in the lake have made it susceptible to… Read More

Understanding recent blue-green algae advisory in Lake Scugog

UNDERSTANDING RECENT BLUE-GREEN ALGAE ADVISORY IN LAKE SCUGOG As a result of questions from the Lake Stewards, Scugog Township, Durham Region Health, and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) have tested the waters adjacent to Palmer Park Beach and Joe Fowler Park, and found the presence… Read More

Great info. for shoreline owners on Lake Scugog

Are you looking for a great on-line source of information about how lakes work and specifically Lake Scugog? Look no more.  The North American Lake Managers’ Society has published a very easy to read, well illustrated small booklet that we feel you will really find useful called  Your-Lake-and-You_July-2017  It may… Read More

Lake Scugog, is it a ‘sitting duck’ for new invasives?

An article for CAPS magazine, July, 2017.  The GTA has a population of 6.5 million with a long shoreline on Lake Ontario. Coming into its docks are ships from around the world bringing two kinds of cargoes, the goods we need and, unfortunately, tiny stowaways from far away. When these… Read More

Lake Stewards’ lake research program starts again.

TODAY’S THE DAY! Today is the day of our first on-lake, in-lake, in-muck studies. This work, supported by a wonderful $369,000 three year grant from the Trillium Foundation, and others from the Royal Bank and the McLean Foundation, will see monthly excursions to a wide range of GPS located sites… Read More