Lake Stewards’ lake research program starts again.

TODAY’S THE DAY! Today is the day of our first on-lake, in-lake, in-muck studies. This work, supported by a wonderful $369,000 three year grant from the Trillium Foundation, and others from the Royal Bank and the McLean Foundation, will see monthly excursions to a wide range of GPS located sites throughout the lake to look at lake health, plant and algae growth — and new for this year, sediment studies. All this will be correlated with lake depth, water and air temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen and so much more.

This is the second year of a four year study. Stay tuned in the next few days for our first reports from the chosen side of the lake. Wednesday will see analysis of the sites on the other side of the lake. Below you will see our team ready to set out on what started to be a very gloomy wet morning but which is improving greatly as the day progresses. The second shot is of part of the equipment and especially the sediment core sampler.

Seen are members of our team organized by Project Leader, Dr. Josh Thienpont with member Stewards and analysts from the University of Ontario Institite of Technology (UOIT).