Stewards receive research grant money

The Research and Monitoring team of the Scugog Lake Stewards are happy to announce that we have just received our first grant of 2017, towards our plans to investigate multiple potential drivers for the decline in walleye. The McLean Foundation has awarded us $3000, which we have used to purchase a field meter to measure multiple parameters simultaneously in the water column, including temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, electrical conductivity (a measure of the “saltiness” of the water), and total dissolved solids. This field instrument will directly support our planned research to investigate under-ice water quality conditions in the lake (particularly dissolved oxygen), but will also be a useful addition to our capacity for long-term monitoring of the lake throughout the year. We thank the McLean Foundation for their support, which continues from their contribution to our research last year.

As soon as we receive the equipment, our Research Team – Dr. Josh Theinpont, Dr. Jennifer Korosi (both Limnologists*) and Dr. Ron Porter will be heading out on the ice of Lake Scugog (ice permitting) to carry out this testing. Their work around the lake will be aided by a donation of the use of an Argo vehicle by Guy Latrielle of Re/Max All Stars Realty.

We will keep you up to date with the progress and results of this work.

* Limnologists are scientists who study the physical, chemical, and biological properties of lakes, rivers, and streams. Dr. Korosi is a Director of Scugog Lake Stewards.