Volunteering opportunities

Posted as at April 1, 2023

The Scugog Lake Stewards are an all volunteer incorporated charitable organization. We appreciate those interested in enhancing the health of Lake Scugog and its watershed.  We are governed by a current ten member board of directors and special advisors, however, we are always open to new volunteers to take on various roles.  These volunteers might include those interested in becoming directors, or committee members working with a director, or perhaps lending an occasional helping hand. If you are curious and want to learn and to help the lake, why not consider putting your name forward. Write to us at:  info@scugoglakestewards.com

The Scugog Lake Stewards have 4 main areas of interest:



This is a Township of Scugog project, along with Kawartha Conservation and the Scugog Lake Stewards.  As the project progresses we may have a need for various volunteers. If that should occur these opportunities will be posted here.



  • We are looking for shoreline owners around the lake and the Nonquon River to work with us on various projects this summer. Please contact us at:  info@scugoglakestewards.com for more information. (there are a wide range of opportunities, precipitation monitoring, water temperature logging installation, aquatic plant monitoring and management, photography.)
  • We have applied for a large grant in order to remediate parts of Williams’ Creek. If we are successful we will need a large number of individuals to help one or two days on physical work. We should know if we have received this grant by the end of April.  Keep posted for this one.
  • A Science Social Co-ordinator to work with the Research Committee and the Volunteer Coordinator to set up four in-person or Zoom science/lake research information sessions per year, open to the public, but with information going out to Stewards members and Science Social interested people. This requires communications skills, but is not particularly onerous.


  • We need people to help with our Lake Month and Lake Discovery Day work.  We need students to help us move tables and  move visitors through the site (for hours).  We also need volunteers in general to help us explain what we do, give out brochures, flyers, etc., etc.
  • We are looking for a Director of Membership who will work with a pre-existing membership committee.
  • We need quite a few general helpers for Lake Discovery Day, August 19, 2023 which is primarily a Lake and Lake Science hands on exploration out of the Latcham Centre with many of our research associates and partners involved.  This would be a great day for teenagers to get involved in.  We will also need helpers on other days throughout Lake Month, August. We will also need general helpers for various other events on our agenda.
  • We would really like a Media Co-ordinator to help advertise events  for our Lake Month and beyond.
  • Contact us through info@scugoglakestewards.com


ONTARIO INVADING SPECIES AWARENESS PROGRAM (ISAP):  The Scugog Lake Stewards work with many other organizations, one of which is Ontario Invading Species Awareness Program, (ISAP).  They have received funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation  to continue their Water Steward Program which teaches volunteers of all ages to help prevent new species entering lakes through Clean, Drain, Dry methods. See to find out more and sign up:  http://www.invadingspecies.com/programs/volunteer-water-steward-program/   There are over 10 boat launches around Lake Scugog, some very large and others only used by locals. It would be great to have volunteer water stewards set up on occasion at each of these sites, especially the launches at the end of Scugog Island, Port Perry, Caesarea, View Lake and Port Hoover.

Lake Scugog has been and is, very vulnerable to all sorts of new species entering our lake for many reasons, especially because we are so close the GTA and shipping in lake Ontario.  The overwhelming Eurasian water milfoil (at left) and curly leave pondweed early on and now the new plant like algae, starry stonewort (at right).  It is proven that they spread from boat entry points.  Please help promote volunteerism in your community, become an ISAP water steward volunteer. Contact:  Jeff Berthelette, jeff_berthelette@ofah.org 

THE ONTARIO TURTLE CONSERVATION NETWORKhttps://ontarioturtle.ca/get-involved/roads/  Ontario Turtle Conservation Network (OTCN) is a joint project between the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre (OTCC) and Parks Canada. The Network facilitates sharing of turtle conservation knowledge among non-profits, businesses, educational institutions, and grassroots organizations. Use the Map View or List View below to find organizations doing turtle conservation work near you and across the province.  Their website is excellent and they are always looking for volunteers to help protect those members of the turtle family which are species at risk to survive in this developed world. (Photo at left, the endangered Blanding’s Turtle (Wildlife preservation Canada)