Lake Scugog General Information

Lake Scugog is a large shallow lake which can be found about one hour to the East from the city of Toronto, Canada. There are several major cities within a short driving distance with Oshawa to the south, Peterborough to the east and Lindsay to the north.  The historic town of Port Perry is found on its south/west shore.

Water enters the lake from many sources, mainly the Nonquon River, Blackstock Creek, Cawker’s Creek and the Cartwright wetlands.  It is also fed by general runoff and from many springs along its shorelines and under its surface.  Water from Lake Scugog flows north through the Scugog River to Sturgeon Lake.  From there it travels through the Trent-Severn Waterway to the other Kawartha lakes and out to Lake Ontario.  It is possible to boat from Lake Scugog over to Lake Simcoe or down to Lake Ontario through this Waterway and its system of locks.

A navigational level of 250 m. above sea level is maintained by a dam in Lindsay built in the 1830’s which raised the lake approximately six feet.  See the topic THE DAM AT LINDSAY for more information and contacts regarding its operation.

 Size of the watershed 533.7 sq. km.
Size of lake surface area:   68 sq. km.
Shoreline length: 172 km.
Scugog Island shoreline   30.6 km.
Seasonal lake fluctuation 20 to 50 cm.
Average depth: 1.4 m.
Greatest depth:  7.6 m.

Lindsay lock, may 24, 2011.3




Lake Scugog is considered a “eutrophic” lake in that it has, because of its age and other factors, an excess of the nutrients nitrogen and phosphorus.  This is true more so on the shallow west arm of the lake than the east arm.  The east arm can reach depths of up to 23 ft. and does not receive as much urban run off.  Because of the excess of nutrients, its shallow nature and its generally soft lake bottom, Lake Scugog has many aquatic plants.  In order to reduce the level of nutrients, Scugog Township undertook and is currently implementing the Lake Scugog Environmental Management Plan and the Port Perry Stormwater Management Plan.  (See the Kawartha Conservation website for downloads of these plans)  Also, the Region of Durham and the Municipality of Scugog are in the process of construction a brand new, state of the art, wastewater management plant for Port Perry. 

Lake Scugog is considered a ‘jewel in the crown of Scugog’.  The Scugog Lake Stewards and the Township’s approximately 24,000 residents recognize its importance to their economy, to their real estate values but most of all to the quality of their life.