Enhancing Lake Scugog

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Lake Scugog
Port Perry Bay 2018

The Lake Scugog Enhancement Project is an environmental improvement and dredging project for Port Perry Bay to improve water quality, increase boating access and economic benefits, and to remove excessive invasive aquatic vegetation and sediment. The project will enhance habitat diversity and maintain Scugog’s excellent angling.

This Township project was initiated by the Healthy Lake Scugog Steering Committee (HLSSC) as a long-term solution to improving Lake Scugog’s water quality, while adding economic and social benefits to the community.

Introducing the Lake Scugog Enhancement Project (LSEP)

This project will enhance Lake Scugog’s beauty and provide many environmental benefits through the creation of an engineered wetland and a scenic walkway, and by dredging a portion of the Port Perry Bay to return it to a navigational depth.

The input of nutrients and sediments from Port Perry’s runoff water into Port Perry Bay and beyond has, over time, resulted in an overabundance of aquatic vegetation growth and decreased water depth. Warming climate will increase the length of the growing season, making matters worse. Invasive plants and sedimentation are negatively affecting boat access to the town docks and other water-based recreational activities.

Community use

The waterfront has become a central point for rallying support in the community. Lake Scugog is home to dozens of philanthropic and social events hosted by service groups and community-minded citizens to raise money in support of important causes, public services and infrastructure.

The Lake Scugog Enhancement Project’s engineered wetlands and dredging provides a variety of social benefits, including the creation of an enhanced waterfront with an extended shoreline, walking trail, an opportunity for bird watching and increased opportunities for recreation like fishing and boating.

The enhancement will offer more opportunities for citizens to enjoy angling and get into nature along the shores of Lake Scugog.

Design concept for project

Engineered Wetlands

The engineered wetland will be created using dredgate from Lake Scugog. The engineered wetland provides a variety of environmentally beneficial features to Lake Scugog, including habitat for waterfowl, shorebird and turtle populations, and its filtering effects will improve water quality.

The engineered wetland will receive pre-treated stormwater runoff from the oil and grit separators and naturally remove pollutants from stormwater runoff before it reaches the lake. This wetland also helps protect a newly-dredged Port Perry Bay from quickly refilling with sediment.

Returning the bay to a Navigational Depth

A deeper bay increases boating access, promotes excellent angling and encourages tourism to the Bay and surrounding community. The dredgate procured from the bay is ideal for creating the engineered wetland, and mitigates costly disposal costs.

The lake needs action

The results of the Lake Scugog Environmental Management Plan (2010) and the Port Perry Stormwater Management Plan (2013) reveal that Lake Scugog requires an active stewardship program to address a wide range of factors that cumulatively affect water quality and the lake’s ecology.

The plan recommends implementing an integrated watershed management approach to solve current problems, improve water quality and maintain the ecological sustainability of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. The Lake Scugog Enhancement Project is one of these implementations.

Join us in enhancing a vibrant, healthy and fun Lake Scugog

The success of this project requires contributions from many, including governments, foundations, businesses and personal charitable donations.

We are looking for visionaries to join us in caring deeply about Lake Scugog, its ecosystem and the people in its community. Join the Township of Scugog’s journey in environmental leadership and in its commitment to the communities in Scugog.

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